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Jill Magid:

The Kosinski Quotes

Series of 9 Silkscreens, edition of 15ea. on Rives BKF paper 44” x 27.2” each. 
Quotes from a novel by Jerzy Kosinski. 
The system is based on the secret service practice of highlighting text to be erased, and my own personal system of marking.
Matias Faldbakken // Inkjet print on a plastic bag. Cool process with cool results.
Jasmina Cibic - Fruits of Our Land, 2013 (Still)
Los Carpinteros - Intersección // “My kid can do this in real life!” - scream a thousand couch-critic fathers
Latifa Echakhch - Untitled (Makhno’s boys) // I have no understanding of what this is trying to express, but the composition is pretty fantastic. Interesting how a motionless swoop from the right can feel dark and villainous. I wonder if that reading would carry through to cultures that don’t read from left to right.
Simon Dybrow Møller -The standard blue, the classic grey, the basic black (he who dreams of scaffolds while puffing at his hookah), 2010 // Great tryptic - I thank god for not having to work in an office.
Markus Schinwald - Orient #3, 2012
Bound 2 Outtakes! (CC: @kanyewest kimkardashian showstudio)